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Prior to starting this program gut-wise I felt unwell. I just saw a new GI that I had high hopes for and she chalked up all my symptoms to anxiety and offered medication. Dismissive of anything I brought up, I left the office and cried, felt defeated and like no one was listening to me. Emotionally I was over extended in my work and personal life. I needed to take a step back to take care of my physical health.


Abby M Nutrition stood out because she specialized in GI health and had flexible scheduling. I also liked that she offered stool testing and review of lab work. I previously worked in a functional medicine office but was interested in a new perspective. Now, I'm able to solidify a daily schedule that helped with stress reduction and decision fatigue (anything straying from my normal routine messed up my stomach/bowel movements). I'm able to understand on a microscopic level what's going on (something I like ) and why certain things work/aren't working for me. I now have consistent bowel movements which in turn reduced my other symptoms like nausea and abdominal pain. I'm confident in my food choices. I have a consistent schedule and know how to adapt to allow my GI tract to keep functioning as normal. I'm able to identify some food triggers and I'm more aware of certain foods not sitting well with me! I'm no longer worried about traveling or last minute plans.

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