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Abby always made me feel heard and reminded me that I was not alone with my issues, and that I deserved to feel my best again.The way Abby and her program put your needs first is very refreshing in the world we live in. She genuinely cares about finding your own individual root cause, giving you the specific attention and treatment you need, understanding that everyone’s bodies are different.

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I FEEL SO FREE. I can go out to eat, I feel energized, and I am sleeping amazing. I used to wake up every night at 3am and take hours to fall back asleep but after a month of working with Abby I have been sleeping consistently every night. I used to also go days without a bowel movement and my skin was horrible from eczema. I now go daily and my skin feels NORMAL! I have found a new level of freedom. 



I won’t be suffering in pain or feeling depressed that I can’t eat. I have been sleeping better, feeling more energized and overall, happier since doing the program! I never once got off a phone call and felt like something wasn’t explained well or I had unanswered questions/concerns. Every call ended with a game plan and what was to be accomplished before our next appointment and I always felt very well guided in the 3 months we spent together.



This program returned my digestion to normal and has allowed me to go back to living a normal life where I’m not constantly thinking about my stomach. It has positively affected every other area of my life, as gut health is essential to simply existing comfortably. I have been able to return to and excel in grad school, get back in the gym, and return to having a normal social life. I would 100% recommend this program to others. The entire experience was a positive one and it effectively resolved my problems.



I now have consistent bowel movements which in turn reduced my other symptoms like nausea and abdominal pain. I'm confident in my food choices. I have a consistent schedule and know how to adapt to allow my GI tract to keep functioning as normal. I'm able to identify some food triggers and I'm more aware of certain foods not sitting well with me! I'm no longer worried about traveling or last minute plans.

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Abby was always there when I had questions and encouraged me even when it didn’t seem like I was making much progress. I have a healthy relationship with food now. I have a better understanding of how to balance meals to stay healthy and heal my gut. I have conquered feeling constipated all the time without the need for over restricting diets. I can travel, go out to eat whenever and wherever I want without starving myself in fear of breaking a diet. I can sustain this lifestyle and heal my body. 



I was facing digestive problems that began to affect my ability to live the life I wanted. I started to give up hope of finding a solution until I talked to Abby. I had tried every diet and was barely eating and running on caffeine. Abby helped me set up a nutrition plan that was sustainable and provided everything my body needed to work correctly. She also coached me through an 8 week protocol that has since stopped my issues. I feel great now. Thanks Abby, you’re the best!

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After completing my work with Abby, I feel like a new person. I have not had any bloating. I go to the bathroom every day sometimes every other day after a meal - usually breakfast. My bowel movements don’t smell, I don’t have cramping, diarrhea constipation, or bloating. I can eat whatever I want and not be affected. So I’m entering 2024 Feeling great and looking great. 



I think the thing that is most ideal about working with Abby is that she individualizes the program to each specific client, so you can feel confident that the program will work for you. She helped with my specific GI and health concerns, and I noticed great progress over our 3-month term. That's why I trusted my gut with Abby M Nutrition. I now have improved energy and improved GI health along with weight loss.

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