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Before meeting with Abby, I used to dread meals. A lot of times I would skip meals altogether because not eating feels better than eating and then being in pain for hours afterwards, right? At the beginning of the program, we had compiled a whole list of foods that I would avoid because I knew that I would be paying the costs of “enjoying” myself if I did for hours if not days after doing so – several times I even ended up in the ER due to dehydration. I would eat something as simple as a sandwich and I would have intense cramps and gas for hours. The list of items I felt comfortable eating was very small and honestly incredibly depressing. Food is supposed to be comforting and for me, it was not.


I met Abby through a mutual friend who really encouraged me to look in the program. I was hesitant due to past experiences after I had previously investigated the underlying issue with my gut health and did not receive the attention and care that I needed to set myself up properly long term. Abby made me feel comfortable during all our phone conversations – I mean, you must be comfortable with someone when you are talking about pooping and farting, right? I never once felt like she was wasting my time when she was telling me what steps I needed to take next or forcing me to buy supplements she didn’t think would benefit me. She was truly looking to improve my quality of life and she accomplished it.



I feel like I have my body back and I no longer dread meals! After learning that the issue was gluten and cutting it out of my diet, eating has become fun and enjoyable again for the first time in 5 years. I can eat several foods AND food groups that I wouldn’t have dreamed of touching for years like dairy for example. At first, I was shocked to hear that gluten could be the culprit because every meal I was eating WAS gluten. I just never stopped to think that could be the issue but ever since it has been cut out of my diet and I don’t know that I would have ever changed my eating habits without the help of Abby. For starters, I won’t be suffering in pain or feeling depressed that I can’t eat. I have been sleeping better, feeling more energized and overall, happier since doing the program! I never once got off a phone call and felt like something wasn’t explained well or I had unanswered questions/concerns. Every call ended with a game plan and what was to be accomplished before our next appointment and I always felt very well guided in the 3 months we spent together.

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