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When I was working with Abby, I felt like she actually cared about me. I felt taken care of. She would take my problems as her own and wouldn’t stop working until we were able to navigate a solution. Above and beyond in effort to help me feel better. She is also great at explaining the science behind why you’re doing what you’re doing. Abby offered recommendations that were very well thought out and she was able to provide the research to back it up. 

     I was facing digestive problems that began to affect my ability to live the life I wanted. I started to give up hope of finding a solution until I talked to Abby. I had tried every diet and was barely eating and running on caffeine. Abby helped me set up a nutrition plan that was sustainable and provided everything my body needed to work correctly. She also coached me through an 8 week protocol that has since stopped my issues. I feel great now. Thanks Abby, you’re the best!

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