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WELCOME to sustainable weight loss

I'm so happy you're here! Simply Wurth It and Abby M Nutrition are collaborating to provide the weight loss duo of your dreams. We're here to help you reach your weight loss goals while understanding the fundamentals of metabolism support. 

No more diets, calorie counting, or restriction. Sustainable weight loss starts with the foundations: eating balanced/consistently, improving sleep quality, managing stress, moving your body and supporting digestive health. This looks different for EVERY BODY. You deserve a personalized plan that fits within your lifestyle and allows you to enjoy the foods you love.

About me:

Abby Malloy, RDN, LDN

Functional Dietitian

Hey, I'm Abby! I utilize a whole body, root cause approach in my practice. This means that I look at every client as an individual, digging deep into your history and day to day life. My goal is not only to help you reach your weight loss goals, but to transform your health. You want to feel confident on the inside as much as the outside, and that's where I come in! With the right metabolism guidance, you will gain confidence in your food choices and lifestyle changes during your weight loss journey. No more second guessing, no more searching the internet for answers. You receive the education tailored to your individuals needs, and will carry this with you forever!


Our Services

All Meetings are Telehealth appointments


This is for you if: you are looking for both metabolism support education and friendly accountability/support to ensure your goals are met. 


  • one 45 minute meeting/month

  • one 15 minute check-in/month


4 months

Topics of discussion:

  • Introduction to metabolic support

  • Eating balanced (& still enjoying foods you love)

  • Lifestyle changes for metabolic health

  • Exit strategy for ongoing success

Price (HSA/FSA Accepted):

$204/month (10% discount for Simply Wurth It patients available)

Let's get started

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